PA issued highway restrictions last night due to high winds and snow forecast starting today.

Included in those restrictions was a reference to "ATD" which I found to be an acronym for "Alternative Traction Device"----which failed to solve anything for me

So---the next search did yield an answer----they are "tire socks"!

I have no idea how durable they are but at first glance they appear interesting----and far easier to put on! I do question their use on ice

One of the great winter events that everyone should have is "chaining up" a big rig during a driving snow storm

There is another advantage offered----weight. A set of truck chains can weigh 120 lbs/axel for single tire chains. Depending on how many tires and axels you chain up you can shave off a lot of pay load----and you carry them if they are on the tires or hanging on the frame in the ready.