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Thread: For those of us that have gone through it

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    For those of us that have gone through it

    That is with a declining loved one in many ways including cognitive and physical ability, I'm sure it would have been nice if our loved one had been the president of the United States because from my personal experience he's there. While those in nursing homes who are probably better off than him are dying off. Set aside and they have no real future.
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    As I think this issue through, it occurs to me that heavily industrialized societies have more of a disconnect with oldsters. In other words, as we age we don't need to be fully capable to push a button, or make a phone call, to initiate an action.

    Both of my parents are now in their 80's and struggle with the small daily chores most of us take for granted. As their children, we attempt to "take up the slack" to try and ensure they are comfortable and pain free. The obvious irony is that our elderly parents become childlike as their abilities fail - and as we become their gatekeepers and support staff.

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