...and here is my "other side of the coin" Quonset hut story:

I was was working on the design of a new office chair with Don Chadwick---designer of the iconic Aeron chair. His office was in a former military complex in Santa Monica. These were obviously former barracks that had been converted into boutique office spaces. They were more livable than "as built" with windows added in the sides and of course modern amenities.

One day we were on the way out for lunch when my attention was drawn to another Quonset just across from Don's office. There was a small group of people gathered around the back of a MB SUV. The rear was opened and sitting in the opening was a very attractive young lady----who happened to be bare ass naked It was hard to walk and watch at the same time----actually I was not simply watching I was staring at this young lady not 30 feet away

When I could collect myself----and close my mouth and we walked on Don told me that the building just across the way from his was the Playboy Photo Studio and it was not unusual for them to do photo shoots outside