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    Pretty exciting

    As I had stated in a previous post we're doing some home remodeling and our painters are Mexican citizens with green cards. They have both been here 26 years. Anyway as you can imagine as we were talking the subject turned to food. We were taking some nice ribs off of a big green egg and I offered them a slab to take home with them. In return they promised to bring me some of their wives best homemade salsa, spicy of course, and to make me authentic Mexican chile rellenos, My absolute favorite Mexican food. Looking forward to that.
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    Ahhh... yes. Mexican food is also my favorite.

    I've talked in the past about Wifey and I traveling. In those travels, we've eaten in more than 40 countries. What's missing in many of them are Mexican food. It's like they exist throughout N American but sare parse or non-existent in European and Asian ones.

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