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Thread: Strange journey...

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    Strange journey...

    Almost as strange as the final journey of its owner, but at least we know the whereabouts of this one...

    Amelia Earhart's Cord...
    Before reading further and following the winding path of the various Earhart Cord pieces, you might want to grab a cup of coffee. It’ll take full concentration to keep up, or maybe one of those maps with the thumbtacks and colored strings you see in detective movies.

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    I knew about that car before but that is an excellent article on it.

    Where I went to University in Indiana we were about 20 miles north of Auburn Indiana---the home of Cord, Auburn, and Duesenberg---which contains a wonderful museum at the former headquarters and factory. Each summer (and I was going to school year round the last two years) they would hold a reunion at the museum. Cars came literally from all over the world with a big parade on Saturday (as I recall)---it was marvelous
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    Oh, man - the Cord is one of the most beautiful cars I have ever seen.

    Nice find, Ben.

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