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Thread: 1,000 Mile Range Electric Vehicles?

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    1,000 Mile Range Electric Vehicles?

    This sounds really good! I still don't know how we are going to charge EVs, though. Better get started on the infrastructure!

    The Argonne National Laboratory in the US has essentially cracked the battery technology for electric vehicles, discovering a way to raise the future driving range of standard EVs to a thousand miles or more. It promises to do so cheaply without exhausting the global supply of critical minerals in the process.

    The joint project with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has achieved a radical jump in the energy density of battery cells. The typical lithium-ion battery used in the car industry today stores about 200 watt-hours per kilo (Wh/kg). Their lab experiment has already reached 675 Wh/kg with a lithium-air variant.

    This is a high enough density to power trucks, trains, and arguably mid-haul aircraft, long thought to be beyond the reach of electrification. The team believes it can reach 1,200 Wh/kg.
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    Yes! Bring it on. My personal criteria are that a vehicle of mine should be able to drive to Las Vegas without refueling (420 miles). My Diesel Jeep can (and does) do that. When an electric vehicle can do it, I'll be onboard to consider purchasing one.

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