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Thread: biden to visit Ohio

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    biden to visit Ohio

    For those who question why biden has not been to East Palestine Ohio, I may ave found the answer .

    I searched on Google , I used Google Earth to view the streets and as far as I can tell, the only place to get an ice cream cone would be Dairy Queen . Now we know the big guy only eats " real ice cream " so a trip to the train wreck is out of the question .

    Also , if he waits until the cleanup is complete and things LOOK nearly normal . He can just say that there is much to do about very little. As you can see , nothing around me is burning or been destroyed . Trumps visit was just a publicity stunt and did not help in any way . Now donate to my re election fund. and I will cure all the problems I have created in the last two years.
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    You just hit upon the reason I don't get milkshakes at fast-food establishments. As far as I know, none of them use real ice cream anymore - and if any of our members know of such businesses with the real stuff, let me know about it.

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