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    Comfy stuff

    Last Saturday we enjoyed the vegetable soup I had made on Friday (and left to age outside). By Sunday morning, following the football party Saturday---there was enough soup left for my breakfast

    So, now I am taking a little time away from my more gourmet menus---last night was porterhouse steak and brussels sprout gratin. Tonight will be a bit more "homey" with fried cabbage (and yes I will use lard for that) and kielbasa. Cabbage BTW is in fact an excellent "health food"---low in calories, carbs and sugar.

    Waiting in the freezer for sometime next week is English bangers that I will make with mashed potatoes (bangers and mash ) , with onion gravy and peas.

    My trips to England were never accompanied by great foods. I always stayed in International Hotels so I could get a good breakfast---knowing the rest of the day could be a food desert. My go to fare was fish and chips and bangers and mash.

    As always, I tried to "fit in" and I did try steak and kidney pie and haggis-----being a PA Dutchman I was raised eating a lot of offal---but we never managed to screw it up that bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Grubb View Post
    My trips to England were never accompanied by great foods.
    Wifey and I thought it was a myth that Brits had questionable eats. Then we went there and saw (well, ate) for ourselves. Other than Mcdonald's, even their burgers were awful. But, we quickly figured out they had some decent Italian restaurants.

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