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Thread: Iranian Citizens Celebrates US Soccer Win

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    Iranian Citizens Celebrates US Soccer Win

    Things could be about to get a little Western (pun intended) in Iran where people have taken to the streets in celebration of the United States soccer win over their own country's team to show opposition to their government.

    “Waving American flag in the streets of Iran. For 43 years regime brainwashed Iranians to hate America. But see how people across Iran are celebrating the victory of Us soccer team against the Islamic Republic. People are heard shouting “America, we are behind you,” Masih Alinejad wrote in another tweet.

    “I can't post all the videos from Tehran. There are too many. The streets are full. There are videos from all parts of the city. After the US soccer team's victory," a Twitter user wrote.

    “Celebration in the Kurdish-Iranian city of #Kamyaran as the regime’s national team has lost to the US in the #WorldCup. Tonight, all over Iran, people are celebrating. Our #IranRevolution is stronger. Iranians want this regime out," another user wrote.
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    Between Iran, China and Russia things aren't going well in the world of authoritarian rule

    I hope all the wanna bees in Italy, Hungary, US, et al are paying attention
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    I read one of the governments thugs shot a guy in the head for blowing his horn celebrating the American victory
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Grubb View Post
    Between Iran, China and Russia things aren't going well in the world of authoritarian rule.
    Like Putin, they will learn our Military Defenses do not sleep.

    It is good to see we are still in the game - whether it's assistance to Ukraine or standing up to China's threats to Hong Kong.

    Many thanks to all of our soldiers proudly representing us. It can be a lonely Christmas for those that are separated from their families. This is a good time to remind them we appreciate what they do for us.

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