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Thread: Ascending to the top of the current Darwin Awards

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    Ascending to the top of the current Darwin Awards

    ------this cowboy should have picked a smaller "horse".

    A 25-year-old man either jumped or climbed onto a moving 18-wheeler before starting to dance, authorities in Texas said.

    But when the semitrailer traveling south on the Eastex Freeway passed underneath a bridge, the dancing man slammed into the overpass and was knocked off the vehicle, according to a Nov. 14 news release from the Houston Police Department. He landed on the freeway below.
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    Too many of these types of stories come from Texas or California. Yeah, I know they're very different states - I'm just saying...

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    And they posted a dash cam screen shot just before he became a bug splat
    "The only thing that we learn from torture is the depths of our own moral depravity"

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