I put my deposit in on February 27,2021 and it was delivered to a friends house on January 27, 2022 because I was hiding out in the Arizona desert. Where I was didn't have any coverage, Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, just north of Mexico down Sasabe way. That night my Predator 3500 generator died and he brought out my new toy the next day. I moved over to Ajo because they had service address. I stayed in Why at the casino, about 8 miles from Ajo. Got it up and working. The naxt day I moved 8 miles south of Ajo and got familiar with how it worked.

I've had high speed WiFi since and after they sent units to Ukraine I was up outside of Tonopah, AZ I changed the address to out in the mountains. I didn't change the address until I made it home months later. I now can stream movies, videos and cruise the web with out waiting.

I'll turn off Dish Network now that I have other options. It's now $110.00 a month for Starlink, I'm paying $130.00 for Dish and I was paying for a line to an air card for internet. There's no good service up here for internet and even the phone service sucks.