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Thread: Been scammed?

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    Been scammed?

    Ok, for the first time ever I am posting on the geek page. Butt, I thought this was too good.

    Hate scammers? Well you arent alone. I expect to spend some time there.
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    I've done that for many years, though not so much recently. I didn't know there was a site for it.

    Sometimes I play games with the telephone solicitors too.
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    It's a fun place to while away a few hours...I haven't been there in some time...Thanks for the reminder, Curt......Ben
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    I never saw that---but I do often play with these poor folks---while I feel sorry for anyone who has to go to this extreme to have an income.

    One of the easiest to play---and generally very effective, is when they ask for someone by name. I tell them to hold on while I get them----and then put the call on hold. A lady actually hung on for a full five minutes lately A variation of that is that I will tell them they need to speak to my wife----just hold on while I get her----right

    For the ones that I carry on a dialog with, when I have had enough I ask them if they have enjoyed my wasting their time. They get pissed

    A bit less convivial "trick", that I use when I have no time to "play"; I have a goose call on my desk and I will issue an ear splitting blast into the mouth piece---the comments thus solicited are precious
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