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Thread: In memory of?

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    In memory of?

    Yesterday was the anniversary of the Lockerbie Scotland crash of Pan Am 103, and the Justice Department made this announcement:

    The Justice Department charged a former Libyan intelligence operative in the 1988 explosion of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland — an attack that killed 270 people.
    May they get the SOB

    As a side note, on Jan 2 1989 I took Pan Am from Kennedy to Rome, it seemed like a very long flight! Those were tense times in Europe and went almost unknown in this country.
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    I lived in Syracuse when it happened. My wife is an SU alum. It was horrible. All those people, ripped out of the sky. Dead people in the trees on farms in Scotland. Horror!!

    This sculpture brought it home. Suse Lowenstein captured the reactions of mothers when told their children had been murdered over Lockerbie.

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