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    Double gold rings!

    My wife and I took our turkey trip today. When I was a kid we raised turkeys every year---I think 1500 ea year. Today they would be classified as open range---back then they were just turkeys

    We raised "bronze" turkeys, a heritage breed which is less genetically modified than the common white turkey which dominates now. As is the case in most selectively bred species, there is a trade off of qualities that takes place to develop traits thought to advantage the marketability. In the case of the common white turkey of today, they traded off flavor for more white meat, and in that effort they also lost the ability to fly or even to walk well---and they can't reproduce on their own---they rely completely on artificial insemination.

    Back to today's trip---to the Koch Farm, a family owned turkey farm that still raises bronze turkeys (as well as the now common white turkeys). Thursday will be only my wife and I and our middle son---so I kept it small at 13 lbs at $3.89/lb for a fresh turkey. The difference in juiciness between fresh and frozen is remarkable

    Then---when we got home after a 2 hour drive on country roads and beautiful scenes my wayward shipment of kimchi showed up---a full 12 days in shipment from Oregon! The package was straining at the seams----the continued fermentation was obvious But---not to fret---it tastes just fine
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