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Thread: not bad for a first go round

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    not bad for a first go round

    this is not something I have ever made but we were at Costco and they had brined brisket with a spice packet for Corned beef for $7.00 out the door. So why not

    Looked at a couple of variations online then came up with my own tweaks

    Slow cooked in a crock pot with the provided spices, some of my own spices and for broth I used Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer. Got it going and went to work for the day. Simmered the cabbage, carrots and potato's in the broth from slow cooking the Corned Beef. Buttered the vegetables and served.

    Tasty. Now I have some other stuff in mind for Brisket.....yum

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks good

    While that is considered Irish, it is only Irish in this country--it doesn't exist in Ireland. The root of corned beef and cabbage is bacon and cabbage---with parsley sauce.

    There is a place in NJ that sells Irish bacon by mail order. I commonly make parsley sauce for use on many different dishes--it pairs well with a broad scope of partners.

    With that said---I still very much enjoy corned beef and cabbage
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    Big fan of corned beef and cabbage.
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    I like corned beef a lot, but not a fan of the cabbage. For the first time, I smoked the last corned beef I bought. Damn good!
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