Looking at all of the Trump bashing going on after the Woodward tapes, I was wonder what if. What if the President in January held a prime time speech from the oval office and said the following.

My fellow American's. Our intelligence has informed me that a very contagious and deadly virus has originated in China. The expectation is that it will become a pandemic and kill 100 of thousand or maybe millions world wide and it could be more. We could and probably will see death from this in the US like never before. Our economy is going to be badly damaged by this virus, our hospitals are going to be overrun with sick and dying people. Our business will likely be forced to close for months or longer. The real problem is we don't know anything about this virus and there is no cure at this time. We will be working hard to get a grip on this coming disaster. Now is a time for prayer and trust to survive this coming plaque.

Would this have made the Trump haters happy? Why hell no they would have crawled his ass for scaring the hell out of the nation. Can't have it both ways boys.