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    What if

    And I am serious, just what if Obama had taken out al-Baghdadi without the loss of an American life and then only weeks later took out Soleimani without having to send a troop in. Think about it what if Obama had done this. I know what happened when Obama took out Bin laden he was lauded as an American hero. I think that Obama would clearly be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for accomplishing this. He would be revered for his bravery to take on such dangerous people and he would be praised for his leadership of the military. Sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.
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    Pulitzer prize? I hope our politicians look back only to help us learn as we go forward. Otherwise it only looks like politics and wishful thinking.
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    What if, what if, you can play that game. Only thing that matters is the here and now. Never found any way to correct what if's from the past.

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