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Thread: Cannon Balls and Armor Do Not Mix

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    Cannon Balls and Armor Do Not Mix

    Soldier suffered a "through and through" at the battle of Waterloo. Armor recovered and now on display.

    First off, this piece of armor has a specific name: cuirass, which was used to describe a breastplate and a backplate that were joined together.


    The carnage also tells a tale of Fauveau’s last moments. We know that he was facing the enemy and galloping at a full charge with his fellow riders. They were attempting to attack a British square formation when Fauveau was struck at a slight angle by the cannonball, and given the angle and location of distortion, we know that it went right through him, blowing fragments of the cuirass into his chest and then out and away from his body as it passed through him completely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Armor recovered...
    Unlike it's wearer, who did not......Ben
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    Read a book on the Civil War once in which there was an account by a soldier who observed an officer during a the Battle of The Wilderness & Old Plank Road directing the troops while on his horse when a cannon ball cleanly clipped off the top half of his head and the soldier related that he saw the officer’s tongue still moving as if giving further commands before the dead body slowly topple from the saddle. The image built has stayed with me illustrating the brutality of that war.
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