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Thread: Lost an Injector

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    Part of the problem is we never really know what the problem is unless we have a code reader that gives the same codes as what the dealer uses. I do have a old, cheap code reader that I used about a month before the Tyler trip. It that time, the CEL came on and I decided to try my old code reader. I forget now what the code was and what it was supposed to mean but I think it had something to do with fueling. I took it to my local Ford dealer who told me their diagnostics gave them a different problem than what I found. Ok, so on that trip they said it was the DEF sender, reservoir, and pump. A total of $1,908. Then the injector in Tyler which actually was a fuel problem makes me wonder about the first trip to the local dealer.

    Are newer code readers better than one that is about 10 years old? Shouldn't all readers see the same code?

    * On edit I think I have answered the question. HERE

    I'm going to buy one of THESE It will be here tomorrow.
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    I shouldn't be, but I continue to be amazed at the useful things I learn on this site.

    Thank you, my friends.

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    Besides being able to pull the codes, you still need to be able to interpret them. The first time my check engine light came on in the rain, I took it to the dealership. The code was some 3 or 4 digit number that I think said something about some heavy metal or other periodic table element. The printout was several pages long and had lots of numbers and big words. The tech patiently explained that is was related to the air fuel ratio being out of whack because of a dirty air filter. $276 for that lesson.

    Btw, it doesnt matter if the filter is clean or not the check engine light comes on in the rain. I can't afford to learn why.
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    When I lost an injector on my 94 the truck ran fine but it was pouring diesel out of the block where the injector screws in. Like the fuel was just following the threads up and out. I stopped on the way home and got a new injector for $36.00 and installed it when I got home, not an easy task since the injector came out in two pieces with the bottom piece locked into place.
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