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Thread: My Ultimate Toy Car Desire

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    My Ultimate Toy Car Desire

    The all road Ariel Nomad. This thing goes like a scalded ape and goes anywhere. A four-wheel super dirt bike with zero creature comforts, which can be licensed for the street. Read the article to get the idea. 3.5 0-60 type speed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I caught a used Nomad for sale on the Bring A Trailer auction website, which just sold for $54,000 for a vehicle that sells for $80,000+ new. One of these things would be such a hoot.
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    Cool off-roader...I tend to build my own toys to suit my taste du jour...My current ride is the latest, but I could have waited and snagged this for about the same money...It would look good in I-45 traffic......Ben
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