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    I like to use two monitors on my computer setup, it's something I started doing at work a few years ago. Then I used one monitor to keep email up and running and a second montior for whatever I was working on at the time. I've missed the 2nd monitor here at home because I like haveing more real estate for whatever I might be doing here. Typically, I keep one big window for working and a smaller window streaming the news. When I stumbled across the ultra wide monitors I couldn't resist getting one. I have been useing it for a couple of weeks now and highly recommend it.

    I picked a LG 34UM58-P which has a 21:9 display ratio and a 34" diagonal screen. Look Here

    The larger screen also helps my eyes.

    Typing this I notice auto spell check is not working for me. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
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    I have a 22" monitor and that's about as wide as I like to go. I don't like having to swivel my head to read an email or posting.

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    Good deal. You will enjoy it. Monitors are so inexpensive now it makes sense. I have been running two 24's for a while now and it really helps me see it better.
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    Thanks for the suggestion Mike---I am going to consider that as I've told my IT guy to begin the replacements of all my Windows 7 machines before the end of the year--a move I don't relish
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