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Thread: 911, some gave all.

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    911, some gave all.

    The NYFD, NYPD, NY EMS, the passengers on flight 97, and others 18 years ago. Speaking for myself and I think for the rest of us that strapped on a uniform ( police, fire, EMS, military). I hope that in the course of our service we were able to uphold the standards that they set that day. I have folks say we are heros, I never thought I was. They asked me how and why we do what we did as they say they can't. My only answer was because it needs to be done and I can do it. I have teared up a few times today listening to the radio and some of the comments. Just thinking about those who never got to go back home to their families. We are so lucky to have finished our time at the watch and except for some emotional scars and aches and pains are home with those we love. My wife asked me why I keep my old gear. It's so I never ever forget and I can make sure no one around me forgets that this is what makes America great. Our love for every American to the point that we will risk our lives for them.Click image for larger version. 

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    That's nice timing there, TG. It's spot on.

    Now we know our leaders made the tough call to take out Flight 97.

    New 9/11 account recalls harrowing moments before Flight 93 crash: 'Ill ram the cockpit'

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    Yes that was one horrible morning. I had just retired and was up to see it all that day.
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    Watch the second plane crash into the tower.

    A salute to the the heroes that ran into the building to try to save lives. Now 18 years later a lot are losing theirs because of the toxic mixture from the air they were breathing. True cost from that day will be a lot more as those slowly fade away yet are not remembered as being lost that day.

    Later that day we went ahead and purchased our home.

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