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Thread: What's up for Labor Day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phillbo View Post
    Yummmmm.... I hate you
    Banana nut bread is really easy to make. I'd send you a recipe but you'd just get fat.
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    Just had a ham & cheese sandwich. Too lazy to cook anything.
    I have a deal with my pup — he gets the last bite — and even though dogs are not supposed to get pork products, I could not refuse “the look” he was giving me, so he got the last bite...maybe another couple too.
    ”Life is tough; tougher if you are stupid.” — John Wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by wacojoe View Post
    Tip: those Popeye’s crispy, spicy sandwiches really are quite tasty, if you can find a franchise that hasn’t sold out.
    Some folks can't get enough, while others can't get any...I wonder if they'll be on the menu in jail...
    Employees told ABC13 a mob of two women, three men and a baby were told at the drive-thru that the chicken sandwiches were sold out, but that apparently triggered the would-be customers. That's when police said they tried to get inside the restaurant.
    Never mind gun control, appetite control is definitely needed here......Ben
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