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Thread: The Deranged Left Is Threatening & Doxxing People For Being In The Proximity of Trump

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    Where, oh where, did I insinuate that all the bad people were on the left? I would hate to disrupt your egalitarian sensibilities, so let me assure you that I think there are bad people on all sides, and, like President Trump who got a ration for it — there are good people on both sides of issues such as tearing down statues.
    ”Life is tough; tougher if you are stupid.” — John Wayne

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    egalitarian sensibilities
    To the contrary sir---I do not believe that all men are equal----I had that lesson sent home the day I joined the Army---I looked down that line of equally naked guys and that reality became crystal clear

    Equal right---yes---but equal---no!
    "A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” ---Sir Winston Churchill

    "Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world's ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all." ---John W. Gardner

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