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Thread: Pelosi Publicly Advises Illegals W/ Deportation Orders To Not Go Willingly W/ ICE

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    Pelosi Publicly Advises Illegals W/ Deportation Orders To Not Go Willingly W/ ICE

    Third in line-of-succession to be president, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, announced in her official capacity her advice to all aliens who have gone through final immigration proceedings and been ordered to be removed (deported) to resist ICE agents if the agents come for them thereby carrying out court orders. And the D’rats are fond of claiming the President is “lawless.”

    The Left’s response is displayed by a lawsuit (of course!) by ACLU —

    ...The U.S. has issued thousands of deportation orders in absentia -- or without the defendants present -- according to the rights groups. But the applicants were never advised of the hearings “because the government’s system for providing notice is in chaos,” according to the lawsuit.

    “In thousands of cases, the government mailed notices to incorrect addresses; sent them with no date or time; and set hearings for dates -- including weekends -- when no hearings were being held at all,” according to the complaint. “Even when the government sent notices to the right address for a real hearing, it repeatedly sent them too late, for locations unreasonably far from immigrants’ homes.”

    In absentia deportation orders were also issued for children independent of their parent or guardians; children who “have no control over whether they appeared in court,” according to the complaint...
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    Her remarks are just a notch or two below treason. She is certainly betraying the laws of the country and she won't even negotiate new laws to streamline the process so those that so desperately want to be here and those we need to add to our work force can do so in an ordered and legal process. Her remarks make it clear. If you elect a dem to the presidency you are voting for open borders, period. The first ICE agent who is killed in the line of duty will smear their blood on her and others of her ilk's hands.
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    You assume illegals give a fock about what any politician says....

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