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Thread: Review of "The River and the Wall"

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    Review of "The River and the Wall"

    Apparenty there is a new film documentary about what would be lost if Trump's wall is built. The link is to a review of that film. The premise is my main opposition to the wall.

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    Excellent--and once again thank you.

    Every major (and that is subjective) construction project in this country has to be proceeded by an environmental impact statement. Do you know if that has been done for the proposed wall?

    I was especially struck by the wildlife impact--where will they go for water if cut off from the river?

    I was gratified this week that PA's only "functioning" Senator (Tommey) was one of the 12 that voted to support the Constitution.

    Added in edit: You might find Sen, Tommey's position statement of interest. I have sent him a thank you note.

    The capacity to learn seems to escape trump as well as his 30% blind followers, so any chance of them reflecting on these issues is zero.

    Added in edit: I looked for and found the studies--- but interestingly enough they are blank!
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    OK so I'm a 30%er. but there's no crossing in that terrain anyhow, so lets build a wall where there crossing.
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