My phones and Kindles have micro USB charging ports and after plugging and unplugging over time become loose and won't charge the device.

I replaced a lot of my devices over the years because of that problem.

Then I found magnetic charging cables by NETDOT 3 and bought a few from Amazon.

They work great! No more fumbling around trying to plug them in. Just get the cable anywhere near the device and they plug themselves in.

It works with a small magnetic plug that is inserted and left in the charging port and a magnetic cable that automatically attaches when brought near.

Not inserting and removing the cable from the charging port means the port on the device never wears out.

The only complaint I have is the different colored cables are not compatible. I bought some silver and some rose gold and they didn't interchange. I just gave the rose gold ones to my granddaughter and ordered more silver ones.

They are really great in the car, no more being distracted trying to plug the phone in when the battery gets low while listening to music on long trips.