I had not heard Boney James before. He is as smooth as the "Butter" in the tune you posted, Dave. Thanks for the intro...reminds me a bit of the late Grover Washington, Jr., and that's high praise.

It took me decades to learn to appreciate the saxophone after being attacked in my early years by a steady diet of the atrocious Boots Randolph's Yackety Sax and the like...aaarrrggghhh! I finally got out of that hang-up attending numerous local gigs in Houston of a sax player there named Kirk Whalum. Like you, being there enhances the musical experience so much with any muscian, but jazz especially for me. I especially love me lots of soprano sax. That instrument can be so plaintive, almost in between a clarinet and an oboe.

Here's a great sax player you might like. Not quite as smooth as Boney, but not too jazzy in this tune like Ornette Coleman or "The Bird," neither of which I understand. Wayne Shorter, Apache