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Thread: buy your groceries and bullets at your local market

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    Livermore Valley near the wine grapes

    buy your groceries and bullets at your local market

    these will be stolen faster than ATM's
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    Actually one of those stores is in a little town that I shop groceries in at fresh value. I saw it and was stupefied by it. I really couldn't believe it. The prices were so high compared to what I can get at my usual dealer. I don't know I think it's weird.
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    I had not heard of an AARM before. Yet, I see the potential access to ammo involved.

    The Army I was in (70s) was strict on everything except alcohol. We couldn't smoke - unless they specifically let us, yet we had beer vending machines in the barracks. We had a few alcoholics (one was a good friend) who made extensive use of them. The friend's alcohol-induced stunts got him discharged from the Army in '77. He died soon thereafter. It literally was a, "Hold my beer and watch this," kind of thing.

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    It's been tried at several shooting ranges already......Ben
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